Monday, July 15, 2013

The Burden of Hate

There is a need for kindness. We need to be kinder to each other, to listen just a little but more, show just a bit more compassion, even in the small things, the everyday things. In the smiles we share, or the burdens--respecting that someone’s burden is as heavy as she thinks it is. Respecting that someone’s outlook matters in the moment, that this too shall pass, that there are realities and then there are realities. That there are violent people in this world as much as there are peaceful, but that peace trumps violence when it comes to resources: there are so many ways to love. The tools we’re given to love are masterful, mysteriously appear when we need them, surprise us, delight us. I am looking for that delight in every glimmer of sunlight, the coolness of moonlight, every face and touch and hope.

There is fear, and war, and injustice. These things, too, do exist. There is an ugliness we have wrought which can bear down mightily on the most hopeful of souls. That can tear apart families, break hearts, and destroy community. And with this we must bear with one another's burdens, bear with one another in love, become humble and gentle--to beg for these gifts, for these tools, is my prayer. For those who suffer loss. For those who grapple with life’s cruelties. And for those who seek that wisdom beyond understanding.

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