Friday, October 22, 2010

Social networking-- bliss or blight?

It occurred to me today that the reason why so many people love social networking and Facebook in particular is that more often than not, these web pages exude happiness. I have my fair share of photo albums and love sharing images of all sorts, and looking around I see happy faces everywhere on other people's blogs and pages: smiling at birthday bashes, playing in leaves, sharing outlandish moments with friends, marking a passage in life, and on and on.

I guess I might say I am addicted to FB--but moreso addicted to the happiness friends and family share through it. I am inspired by their cheer, positive outlook, and pure joy!

By the same token, though, I find challenges to my thinking and way of being; even through the kind of griping we sometimes see in Facebook and blogs, there's something to learn about human nature in this sharing of ideas. It's not always a welcome experience, and sometimes we too readily judge with such a technologically savvy way of thumbs-up or downing. Even worse, we can do this with the click of a mouse--and perhaps not think about the ways we should personally address others' losses, anger, sadness. There's room for readily accepting either bliss or blight in the "virtual" world we have created.

It's a double-edge sword, in some ways.

In terms of simplicity of faith and living, which have always been the foundation of my blog, I think we can find more to transform us, and I am grateful for having such savvy, smart, accomplished, and compassionate friends to share with. Agree or disagree on the issues, I am always learning a little something about myself in the process.

I still always look forward to the good old fashioned social networking, though: anybody for lunch?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Safe and secure

On the way to the doctor's office, or the gym, or out for some special treat, I listen to my daughter wail in the backseat and consider a few things:

*I am her first teacher
*How can I possibly teach her to feel secure?
*How do I teach comfort?

So simple her solutions: a blanket soft and warm; watching children play; sipping milk; watching sunlight dapple; looking into a loved one's eyes; napping.

Well that I would heed her example--perhaps the simple things of life are the solution.

Then I considered it for myself--how have I taught myself comfort? When has it been given me? I find myself seeking comfort now and again--in community, in wisdom from other Moms and friends, in prayer and contemplation. I am suddenly grateful for all the support I get from true friendship and love; from a family who has been the center of my dreams and memories; from a kind of grace unique and powerful.

Take a moment today and find gratefulness your comfort.