Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Safe and secure

On the way to the doctor's office, or the gym, or out for some special treat, I listen to my daughter wail in the backseat and consider a few things:

*I am her first teacher
*How can I possibly teach her to feel secure?
*How do I teach comfort?

So simple her solutions: a blanket soft and warm; watching children play; sipping milk; watching sunlight dapple; looking into a loved one's eyes; napping.

Well that I would heed her example--perhaps the simple things of life are the solution.

Then I considered it for myself--how have I taught myself comfort? When has it been given me? I find myself seeking comfort now and again--in community, in wisdom from other Moms and friends, in prayer and contemplation. I am suddenly grateful for all the support I get from true friendship and love; from a family who has been the center of my dreams and memories; from a kind of grace unique and powerful.

Take a moment today and find gratefulness your comfort.

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