Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wonder Years

There are days when I think back onto my teen angst years, and remember certain things I’d wonder about: (who) will I marry? Where will I live? What will I do with my life and talents? Will I matter? It’s funny, but I still think in terms of (some of) these questions, except now I see them in the light of my experiences over some twenty-odd years. That space and time has tempered my soul, made me see in the way I couldn’t back then, when I sat and brooded by my stereo, taping a WBRU (college station) alternative music mixed tape for my best friend. Ah, the 80s.

There have been many times along the way I faltered, then got back up again and kept trying, breaking new ground. The unknown elements--the moments when the next step seemed truly unsure--were the scariest, but I wouldn’t imagine those hesitant steps any other way now. I couldn’t have possibly dreamed up the life I have now back then: 2,000 miles, a broken engagement, Master’s degree, marriage and pregnancy away from my current self. There’s so much that happened in between, for that matter. What remains the same is my desire to remain true to myself, my faith, and the path for which I have long felt grateful.

Along this way I have found those wandering as I have (and still do), rejected by others or maybe themselves. To these fellow wanderers I say, walk with me a bit, and wonder with me at what could be.

We might surprise ourselves.

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