Saturday, February 11, 2012

Space, the Spiritual Frontier

I think unpacking is finally in the last stages, and we've made a house moreso a home.

Getting used to this new space has been something of an adjustment, and I'm reminded when I see spaces—the empty ones at our old place, and the extra ones here in the new—that with each passing year there will be things to put into that space. I'm not suggesting the things around us make us who we are, but they certainly remind us of where we've been, where we're going. Looking at Isabella's crib reminds me when I gave up my papasan chair to make it fit. Now I'm seeing a new crib, or another bookshelf full of books, or some marker of how the next part of my life will go. It's the promise of the space, you see, and the possibility—that's what's caught my eye.

I think this works the same way with our souls. We see the spaces within that are full, the spaces that need filling, and we come to understand if we really take a look at ourselves, we'll not fill needlessly or neglect to fill wholesomely the cradle of our spirits. I'm striving to pause and pray, to take time to contemplate, which is my nature to begin with, and follow my soul where God leads me. I'm aiming to stay simple in my choices, and tend to the little things of life which open me up for the big things.

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