Monday, July 19, 2010


Been thinking about the power of dreams lately--the way they seep into our lives, the way we work out our souls through them, grapple with our problems. I’ve been dreaming pretty intently lately, with great detail. An interesting little symptom during pregnancy, this dreaming, I know, this has to do with my little one, growing and moving inside.

Dreams carry into our everyday lives, and our waking dreams move us, if we let them, along a path, in some direction. Choice after choice we come to be who we’re meant to be in the scheme of our dreams. What’s mind-blowing is the way in which this process consistently changes and moves us. I think I only recently realized the extent to which other people’s dreams can affect me, move me, help create opportunities for choice.

Of course, all of this, to my eyes, has a kind of spiritual bend to it.

It’s easy to forget God’s part in the equation, and humbling to remember the ways in which our will to choose the path we’re on is in itself a creative, collaborative act.

I am grateful for the community of love around me, reminding me sometimes of who I really am, and nudging me along. Seeing the bold style of some, the careful tread of others along their way, I mark my own gait, breathe, and take in the view.

Miles to go before I sleep!

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